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A Little about my own Health Journey!

Hey there! It's me again, Michelle :)

Aside from being a wife and mom, I'm a teacher, entrepreneur and sugar addict turned health coach and nutritionist! 

When my children were babies, I struggled with a sugar addiction that lasted a decade, and let food control me.  As someone who thought of herself as a healthy person for most of my life, I began to play mind games with myself and the negative self-talk began. 


Not only was my sugar intake toxic to my health and energy levels, it was becoming toxic to my mental health as well. 

Life was so busy, and I became exhausted and felt like I was just going through the motions of everyday life waiting for the day to be over just to do it all again the next day.  

I had tried cleanse after cleanse thinking they would help, but it wasn't until I left my teaching career and was studying to become a health coach, that I was able to take the control away from food and get my healthy lifestyle back. 


It was in all the small, everyday habits and simple tweaks I made with my diet (and my mindset!) that I was able to change my relationship with sugar, and felt like myself again. 

I know there are many families out there that want to eat healthier and raise their children to understand the importance of healthy foods, but when life gets busy, it's the first thing that goes, because it's easier to grab takeout or throw a frozen pizza in the oven.  (I know, I've been there!)

That's why I've made it my mission to help busy families who are stuck in the "grind" and have adopted unhealthy habits realize there's an easier way and that eating healthy, home cooked meals can be simple and enjoyable!

Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach
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