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Workshops & Programs

Make & Take Nutrition Workshops

Make & Take workshops offer participants an educational, hands-on experience.  Each workshop will teach the skills required to prepare healthy foods while also learning about different aspects of nutrition.  

Participants will walk away with healthy meals and snacks to bring home to enjoy for the week along with the valuable skills to make healthy choices at home.

Workshop Topics

  • Magic Meal Lunch Prep

  • Starting the Day Right

  • School Lunches and Healthy Snacks

  • Best Start Baby Foods

  • Quick and Healthy Dinner Ideas

  • Healthy Habits for Life

Download the guide for more information:

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Interested in booking a workshop or want more information to see if it's right for your organization?  Email Michelle to set up a time to discuss your options.

create a positive workplace cuture 

your Mindset at work

Corporate Workshop 

Fostering a positive and growth mindset is key to living a happy and fulfilling life both at home and at work.

Many disagreements in the workplace are directly related to misunderstandings, assumptions and perceptions of other's actions. When we are able to understand viewpoints of others and why they behave in certain ways, only then are we able to foster a community of understanding and compassion.

As a neuro change practitioner, I am able to help clients uncover their limiting beliefs and show them how to "rewire" their brain in order to cultivate a growth mindset so they can change the way they see themselves, others and the world around them. 


In this workshop I discuss how beliefs determine identity and behaviours and how this affects one's thoughts and mindset.  I will also share ways to reframe old beliefs and promote a growth mindset, with a focus on the workplace.

This hands on and engaging workshop provides employees the strategies to identify their own beliefs and mindset and understand how they contribute the the workplace culture as an individual.

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what attendees are saying

"Thank you so much to Michelle for presenting, and to our organization for offering this to its employees. I've noticed a difference in my interactions with others since attending the presentation, and understand that everyone has their own "beliefs" and to not let it bother me, even though their beliefs are not proven, factual or evidence-based. I've also been more mindful of others and understand their feelings and beliefs.  Thank you again for the support towards us." 

"The session was great! Since the workshop, I have been actively working on staying mindful of my beliefs but it is nice to be reminded that everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs and it is not just about my mindset when it comes to work interactions."

"This workshop increased my awareness of how my own beliefs and actions affect the workplace.  It reminded me to be more mindful of my own actions and where they come from. Thank you!"


"I really enjoyed the presentation.  I found myself thinking of examples that applied to me during most of your presentation."

"I thought the presentation was great! It has helped me to think about my own thoughts at work. I had been actively working on this but it is nice to be reminded that everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs and it is not just about my mindset when it comes to work interactions."

"I really enjoyed learning how beliefs shape our identity.  Since the workshop I've also been more mindful about setting intentions for my day. Thank you for this opportunity."

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