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how to Return Your Jars & Containers

Refunds will be given for any jars, bento box and power bowl containers returned as well as the insulated cooler bag.

$2 for large salad jar

$1 for small yogurt jar

$2 for bento boxes and power bowls

$5 for insulated cooler bag

In order to claim your refund you can:

1) Have your jars and containers in the cooler bag ready for pick-up if you are ordering in the future.  When your next order is delivered, the bag will be picked up and an e-transfer for the total amount will be sent to the email you provide that evening.

2) Drop off your bag with jars and containers at one of two locations:

Emo: 8977 Hwy 602 (leave on back step or in garage)

Fort Frances: 613 Second Street East (leave on side step)

In order to drop off, text Michelle at 807-275-6081 so she is expecting them and then again once they are dropped off.  Make sure your name is somewhere in or attached to the bag so you receive the correct refund total.

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