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5 Days of Healthy Habits

Get ready to kick start your wellness goals and discover a healthier you!

Challenge runs February 20-24, 2023

Join us for FREE and receive...

  • Strategies that are the KEY to finally achieving your health and fitness goals... (Don't worry, they're not anything complicated or time consuming. I'll show you how to easily implement these simple strategies for a healthier, happier you in no time!)

  • How to easily incorporate simple habits and food choices that will help you live a healthier lifestyle... without adding more time-consuming tasks or unnecessary stress to your life.

  • All the support and encouragement you need to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime, one day at a time... with exclusive access to a private Facebook group full of like-minded women who are ready to transform their health and lifestyle for good.

Each day we will focus on one of the 5 habits

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I know how busy you are, and that's why I'm keeping this challenge short and sweet! 

Each day the live sessions will run approximately 15 minutes so you can get the information you need and get on with your day!

If you can't catch the live sessions, you can watch the replays at your convenience!

All sessions will be happening right inside the private Facebook group.

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Hi, I'm Michelle!

A mom of two, bonus mom to 3 more, and a former teacher, I know all about being a busy mom trying to do it all while wanting to get healthy at the same time and the struggles that come along with that!

As someone who struggled with a sugar addiction for 10 years, I also understand the emotional and mental games that go along with that, and the negative self talk so many of us fall victim to.  

After leaving the teaching profession 5 years, I soon after became a certified health & life coach and nutritionist in hopes of helping other moms who struggle with getting healthy create a life they truly enjoy and to see "healthy" in a whole new light. 

Still have questions? 

Reach out to Michelle at michelle@michelledawncoaching, or on Facebook anytime.

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