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Nutrition Coaching

One on one nutrition coaching is available for those who feel they have tried every diet under the sun and are sick of feeling like they are in a constant battle with food.

In this comprehensive program, we'll start by assessing your unique needs and goals, and together, we'll create a customized nutrition plan tailored to your preferences.


You'll gain valuable knowledge about nutrition fundamentals, meal planning, mindful eating, and lifestyle integration, all while receiving ongoing support and accountability from me personally, a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and transformational health coach. 


My goal is to empower you with the tools and education you need to make lasting changes, ensuring you're well-equipped for a healthier, more vibrant future.

(Spaces are extremely limited, so an application process is used to determine eligibility).  

Customized Meal PLans

Do you find it difficult to plan meals due to time constraints or dietary issues?

Do you have specific calorie and macro goals you're trying to hit and have trouble planning meals that work?

With my customized meal plans, I will create a plan that works for you and your family's needs.

Choose from a 1-week or 4-week plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with snack ideas and healthy dessert ideas as well!

Send me a message and I'll reach out to you within 24 hours to get all the details and let you know your options!

Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach

28-Day Women's
Macro Challenge

This 28-Day Challenge is designed to help you say good-bye to dieting forever, and not because it's "magic" but because it TEACHES you HOW to eat for your body type.

You'll understand what macros are, why they're important and how much of each YOU need to eat in a day to reach your weight loss goals and maintain them for good!

This challenge is run multiple times throughout the year, so click below for more information

Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach

In-Person VIP Day

(Rainy River District - Ontario &
Kamloops area, BC)

During this 2.5 hour session we'll:

1) Raid your pantry while I show you how to read nutrition labels and what to look for when choosing foods

2) Create a meal plan together that your family will love.  Learn tips and tricks to doing this quickly and easily

3) Grocery shop together so I can show you the quickest way to get in and out with a cart full of healthy groceries

Meal Prep after is optional for an additional cost.

If you'd like more information, click the button below to email Michelle and she'll be in touch with you!

Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach
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