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Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach

Busy Families
Eat Healthy

I make healthy eating easy for families on the go because you shouldn't have to sacrifice your health when life gets hectic!

Meet Michelle

Hi, I'm Michelle Walker!  A wife, teacher, mom of two and bonus mom to three more!  I used to be the typical "busy working mom" and found myself living an unhealthy lifestyle even when I knew better. 

I had always considered myself a pretty healthy person, and in 2009 when I found out I was pregnant I started really researching nutrition and the effects different foods were having on my body, so I would have the "optimal environment" to grow this little human.  

When my kids were toddlers I looked for ways to make foods healthier, and used to bake a lot of toddler-friendly foods.  My kids ate a very healthy diet, and I prided myself on the fact that they were getting a lot of amazing nutrition (and still some treats here and there of course) but as they got older, and I went back to working full time, life got busier and my energy was drained.

Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach

Certified Transformational Health & Life Coach,

Neuro Change Practitioner & Nutritionist

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I was just too busy to cook healthy meals every night and even though I wanted my kids to keep their healthy eating habits as they got older, I still found myself getting home at supper time with nothing planned and throwing chicken fingers in the oven or making KD and hotdogs on a regular basis while telling myself, "I'll make something better tomorrow".

The poor eating habits were making me feel horrible and draining my energy even more and it was a vicious cycle, until I felt like I was just going through the motions day after day and not truly enjoying my life or being the mom that my kids deserved.  


 After changes in my professional career, I found I had more time to plan my meals and experiment with cooking, and take time for my health.  I started changing small things with my habits and in the way I cooked and found strategies that I wished I had known when I was working as a teacher. 


In 2020, I became a health & life coach and a neuro-change practitioner, so I could help others understand what keeps them stuck in old habits and help them to implement new, healthy habits.

I have made it my mission to offer health and nutrition coaching to busy families and help take the overwhelm and confusion out of healthy eating so they can still be healthy while juggling all that parenthood brings, and enjoy it at the same time!  

So what do you say?

Michelle Dawn Coaching
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