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Have you joined the Facebook Group?

In our free Facebook group, we have monthly challenges, tips, guest speakers, recipes and resources for implementing healthy habit in an enjoyable and sustainable way!  

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Why the group?

I started this group to help ease the stresses women face everyday when trying to live a healthy life and juggle everything else life throws at us.

By learning simple strategies and small healthy habits, we can transform our health even when we're busy!


I consider this group like a family of mine and am known to show up many mornings on camera with my pjs still on and my hair a mess ;)


Being real and authentic is what I believe in!  

Michelle Dawn Coaching

Do you feel as though sugar has control over you?
Take control back with my FREE 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge!

Be sure to check out the "Freebies" page for my Lunch Box Rescue, Forgot to Plan Dinner guide, and so much more!

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