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Making the future bright -
one lunch at a time!

Lunches for Learning helps to make healthy lunches accessible to all students so they can be engaged at school and focus on learning.

According to recent studies...

Why healthy lunches?

A simple fact: children learn better when they are well nourished.

When children eat healthy foods, it can improve their memory and their ability to concentrate.

In addition, eating well keeps students' energy levels stabilized and has a positive effect on their sense of mental and emotional well-being.  

A nutritious diet also leads to better immunity in children, which can help them in fighting sicknesses and disease. 

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How it started

Hi! I'm Michelle Walker - elementary teacher, health coach, neuro-change practitioner and nutritionist. 


As a Kindergarten teacher for over a decade, I have seen first hand the types of lunches young children are bringing to school and the amount of processed, sugary snacks that fill their lunch bags. 

After witnessing many students with behaviour and attention difficulties and the correlation between the lack of nutritious foods, I feel whole-heartedly that we can put an end to many of these issues by dealing with the foods that students are eating. 


Unfortunately, many households in the north can't afford fresh fruits and vegetables everyday and many parents haven't been educated in the area of nutrition and may not even realize what processed foods and added sugar are doing to their child(ren)'s development.


It's my hope that Lunches for Learning will make healthy, nutritious lunches available to all students and help set them up for success in school regardless of their background.

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