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How it works:

1) You will send an email to let Michelle know you're interested 

2) Michelle will be in touch to set a date and time that works for everyone

3) On your VIP day, Michelle shows up at your house and together you will:

Raid your Pantry

Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach

Workshops & Challenges

I offer in-person and online workshops and challenges on different topics such as meal planning, nutrition for kids, school lunches, the Real Food Challenge and more!

You can also book me to host a workshop!

Click the button to see what's happening soon!

In-Person VIP Day

(Rainy River District - Ontario &
Kamloops area, BC)

During this 2.5 hour session we'll:

1) Raid your pantry while I show you how to read nutrition labels and what to look for when choosing foods

2) Create a meal plan together that your family will love.  Learn tips and tricks to doing this quickly and easily

3) Grocery shop together so I can show you the quickest way to get in and out with a cart full of healthy groceries

Meal Prep after is optional for an additional cost.

Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach
Michelle Walker Health and Nutrition Coach

(Rainy River District - Ontario &
Kamloops area, BC)

Home Delivery

Magic Meals

Healthy Meal Delivery 

If you'd like healthy meals and school lunches delivered to your door, that are ready to eat for the week, this is just the thing you need! 


Now serving Fort Frances/Emo, ON.

(Hoping to expand into Kamloops, BC soon!)

Michelle Dawn Coaching

Do you feel as though sugar has control over you?
Take control back with my FREE 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge!

Be sure to check out the "Freebies" page for my Lunch Box Rescue, Forgot to Plan Dinner guide, and so much more!

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